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Top 10 Software Composition Analysis Solution Providers 2022

The cornerstone of controlling your open-source use is a complete inventory of all open-source components. After all, no enterprise can safeguard or verify compliance with an unidentified component. The vulnerabilities in the open-source code might be unintentional coding flaws or intentional discrepancies. Attackers can then utilize them to gain unauthorized access to systems, steal data, or inflict software or system harm. SCA may also assist in identifying licensing concerns in order to verify license compliance with any third-party code deployed. Advanced SCA systems also include automatic policy enforcement, which compares every open-source component in a particular code to organizational norms and initiate responses.

Some of the available SCA tools can inform developers about vulnerabilities in a component before submitting a pull request and allowing the component to enter the system. Developers have saved massive amounts of time and processes by leveraging these tools. Well, SCA tools are not completely effective. There are some flaws. Many of the limitations associated with SCA are associated with the older versions. SCA is focused on identifying and reducing risks in open-source components and third-party dependability. Its purpose is not to find problems in the original code.

SCA solutions typically employ automated scanning techniques to analyze software code and dependencies, providing detailed reports on the components used, their known vulnerabilities, and licensing information. This helps organizations proactively address security vulnerabilities, track patches and updates, and ensure adherence to licensing requirements, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches and legal complications associated with software components.

With a focus on automation and integration, Fossa seamlessly integrates into existing development workflows, enabling continuous monitoring and real-time alerts for vulnerabilities and license violations. Their platform supports a wide range of programming languages and integrates with popular development tools and repositories.

The biggest companies in the world use Mend SCA to identify risky open-source dependencies, adhere to licensing requirements, and stop dangerous open-source code from infiltrating their code base. is an application security firm built to secure today’s digital world.

By identifying and resolving security and licensing compliance concerns early on in the development process and in their continuous delivery process, the firm assists software and technology firms in using open source solutions more successfully.

Tidelift provides the tools, data, and strategies that help organizations assess risk and improve the health, security, and resilience of the open source used in their applications.

GitHub has become a widely used platform in the software development community, fostering collaboration, code sharing, and knowledge exchange among developers. It offers integrations with various development tools and services, making it a versatile and popular choice for individual developers, small teams, and large enterprises alike.

The technology from Debricked makes it possible to use Open Source more frequently while minimizing the dangers. As a result, it becomes feasible to maintain a rapid rate of development without sacrificing security.

CAST Highlight acts as an automated control tower for any size portfolio, providing actionable insights across all application assets – software health, composition, cloud readiness, open source risks, green impact – with instant drilldowns and recommendations.

NTT Ltd. enables business outcomes for clients through global managed services for networking, data center, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and cloud communication. NTT DATA delivers transformative results for clients through industry consulting, applications management, data intelligence / automation, workplace, cloud, and managed service.

The firm is aimed at reinventing Software Composition Analysis with an Open Source inventorying platform aimed at modern DevOps environments. The firm has over ten years of experience in SCA.

Through their software solutions, Micro Focus aims to empower organizations to effectively address complex IT challenges, improve productivity, and drive digital transformation. They provide tools and platforms that enable businesses to modernize legacy systems, embrace agile and DevOps practices, protect sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance operational efficiency.