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Top 10 Web Security Solution Providers 2022

Protecting client data was cited as the most impactful cloud and web security goal for 43% of firms in 2022. What does this imply? Web security is a serious threat. The sources of risk are many. Third parties or partners represent high levels of risk. While the internet has helped many organizations retain productivity as they transition to remote and, more recently, hybrid work, our reliance on it has made it a valuable target for attackers. Recent research by Verizon has confirmed that web application attacks comprise around 26% of all data breaches.

Overall, web security is an emerging threat. Contemporary strategies may also require an overall change. The industry needs modernized and industry-specific solutions. Despite the availability of several web security solution providers, the industry requires innovative solutions. The demand is for integrated and formal solutions. We have analyzed hundreds of enterprises to extend a list of top web security solution providers.

Web security has always been important. Recently, the nature of web security has altered along with the rest of the cyber security features. Today’s web security threats are evolved. Also, enterprises have realized this and are making commendable efforts to introduce solutions accordingly. The industry will see the emergence of highly innovative trends concerning web security solutions. Businesses run the risk of malware infection, network assaults, and other IT infrastructure threats without a proactive security policy. Attacks can spread from computer to computer if a hacker is successful. Too often, it will be tough to identify the source. Identifying an apt web security solution from an impressive range of solutions could be unnecessarily tough. We have made it easy to zero in on the best solution from a list of the best enterprises.

With its award-winning fully managed platform that incorporates web application scanner, web application firewall, DDoS & BOT Mitigation, CDN, and threat intelligence engine, Indusface, a leading application security SaaS company, protects 5000+ global customers’ vital Web, Mobile, and API applications.

SecurityHQ is a World Leading Independent Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).By detecting technical and logical flaws such SQL injections, cross-site scripting, I/O data validation, and exception handling, clients can uncover vulnerabilities and protect against attacks.

The firm tests web both automatically and manually. More than 300 products have leveraged its products to get rid of nasty bugs. A webbased product should function effectively, live up to user expectations, and provide flawless performance and security, QAwerk ensures this.

The Secure Web Gateway from ForcePoint safely accesses different websites and downloads documents while getting a high-speed performance to rely on. Forcepoint is a worldwide American software organization with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. It creates firewalls, data protection, cloud access security brokers, and cross-domain solutions.

Cymulate gives businesses the ability to fully oversee, regulate, and optimize their cybersecurity posture. Security professionals can continually challenge, evaluate, and enhance their cybersecurity posture with Cymulate’s SaaS-based technology, which deploys in under an hour.

The industry leader in internet security is McAfee. Through integrated, simple-to-use solutions, McAffee consumers comfortably enjoy life online by adapting to their demands.

CloudFlare is a web performance and security enterprise. The business offers ICANN-accredited domain registration services, cloud cybersecurity, DDoS mitigation, and content delivery network services.

Software business Varonis Systems has locations in Herzliya, Israel, and New York City, where it conducts research and development. They created a security software platform that enables businesses to monitor, see, understand, and safeguard unstructured data.

American cybersecurity software provider Webroot Inc. offers both individual’s and enterprises Internet protection. The first business to use the cloud and artificial intelligence to fight zero-day attacks in real time was Webroot, a division of OpenText.

A security platform called Huntress exposes covert threats, flaws, and exploits. The platform aids IT resellers in defending their clients against ransomware, persistent footholds, and other threats.