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The Only Firm Extending A Solution for the Entire API Development Lifecycle.

Top Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2023

The last few years have seen a meteoric rise in the adoption of APIs and the microservices that leverage them to power digital transformation projects and integration. Businesses leveraging the incredible potential of a new generation of straightforward, open, and flexible APIs to speed up the execution of critical business plans are reaping huge rewards in the marketplace. Since almost any program may now access even the most complicated apps and data sets, APIs represent a significant advancement in connectivity.

However, this innovation comes with significant risk, as security concerns are the #1 barrier to these digital transformation projects, and for good reason. Security teams need to be aware of how their attack surfaces and architectures are changing, and API adoption changes their security profile substantially. Consequently, security teams must be mindful of these new and changing attack surfaces that expose backend systems and data to the outside world, often to a larger degree than their user interfaces. Read More…

Technology incorporation is the most revolutionizing trend across industries. The healthcare sector is no exception and is witnessing an unprecedented digital boom. Technology reliance has made Cybersecurity relevant for the healthcare industry. A cyber threat can lead to financial loss besides the irreparable reputational damage. It takes a significant amount of time to regain normalcy. Moreover, cyber hackers are introducing newer ways of threats leaving IT experts in a dilemma. Therefore, the pressure to develop innovative methods to prevent or nullify cyber threats is paramount.

The healthcare cybersecurity industry is abuzz with activities, yet challenges continue to restrict the space. Although cyber security solutions are abundant, healthcare enterprises still need help locating solutions that allow the highest availability of IT systems while ensuring the highest level of technical security. 123 CS surfaces as the most feasible option. Read More…

A reputed European Media firm was searching for specific options for migrating their entire data hosted in the U.S to Europe. After a prolonged search, they finalized on Cloud IAM, a Rennes-based cloud security company. The client could leverage cloud IAM’s services to migrate their entire data to the Keycloak cloud solution within two months. Furthermore, leveraging the Cloud IAM open API allowed the media firm to easily migrate its user base and use all the Cloud IAM services overnight. Cloud IAM is the only European IAM enterprise that extends total control over data to its customers. Clients can choose their hosting provider, Alibaba cloud, Google cloud, or AWS. In addition, the data can be recovered anytime without vendor lock-in.

“Thanks to the quality (99.9% uptime SLA) of our services, the reliability of Keycloak open-source managed solution, API-first, our clients can fully automate their services with us. We are available 24/7.”, says François-Guillaume Ribreau , CEO. Read More…