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An in-depth Approach to Fraud Management

Top Fraud Management Solution Providers 2023

With so many new avenues for fraudsters to use due to the digitization boom, global losses from financial crime and fraud have reached an all-time high. Additionally, the increasing adoption of new technology makes it easy to commit financial crimes and fraud, thereby luring more fraudsters. Also, fraudsters and fraud experts are advanced and adamant about discovering new ways.

Scammers continue to become more computer savvy and conduct complex assaults. In 2023, scams such as synthetic identity theft, social engineering, chargeback, and BNPL, among others, will be some of the most prominent methods. Technology-powered fraud activities and their management will be the dominating aspect of the fraud management sector. Read More…

A leading car rental enterprise company in the U.S. needed to identify the possibility of additional chargebacks arising from certain processes carried out in their stores and Point of Sale. Specifically, the firm wanted to eliminate errant chargebacks that were previously difficult to fight. A detailed search by this leading car rental company led them to Chargeback Gurus (CBG), a McKinney, Texas, headquartered firm.

CBG implemented a solution that was above the standard procedures within the industry. The strategy involved providing training and insights on the specific requirement of identifying and eliminating the possibility of additional chargebacks. The methods were scaled to cover the entire span of the client’s stores. CBG offered the store manager’s improved consistency, time savings and reduced pressure. Read More…

All are aware of the increasing prominence of fraud prevention and detection. False rejects may cost merchants up to 75 times more money than actual fraud. Therefore, it is more important than ever to make sure your fraud solution offers the best approval rate while not over-focusing on fraud prevention. The world is transitioning from conventional methods to new or specific solutions irrespective of domains or sectors. The fraud prevention industry also faces a never-before prominence of innovative solutions. Forter stands out among its peers with its exceptional approach to tackling the latest challenges in fraud prevention and management. Read More…