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Enabling Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions At All Levels

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Incoming data proves that cyberattacks are growing faster across the globe and taking different forms. Besides the financial losses, a successful cyber attack leads to reputational damage and loss of precious time. Therefore, the fear of potential data breaches and hacking possibilities is a regular part of the modern cybersecurity industry.

Despite the enormity of the situation, the reality is that cyber threats are only sometimes dealt with properly. Attempts to ensure cybersecurity should begin with identifying the right approach. Many times, cybersecurity begins after a breach has occurred. Along with awareness campaigns and bridging the talent gap in cyber expertise, it is inevitable to get accustomed to a ‘proactive approach to cyber threats.’ In other words, all cybersecurity efforts should strictly be focused on preventing these breaches. Read More…

The cybersecurity industry has evolved beyond expectations. Security experts are under tremendous pressure to develop innovative solutions corresponding to ever-altering cyber threats. Many times enterprises often need to extend the right approach to cybersecurity. For example, from a governance perspective, cybersecurity is becoming an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issue for enterprises and investors worldwide.

It is inevitable to allocate sufficient resources and funds towards ensuring advanced measures are implemented against ever-evolving cyber attacks. Other critical aspects, including legal liabilities, data protection, and reputational damage, assume significance in the present scenario. Read More…