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Ten Measures to Make OT Safe

Top IAM Solution Providers 2023

The cyber threat situation is intensifying. With the increasing level of connectivity and software integration, Operational Technology (OT) is becoming more accessible to cyber criminals. Endian, a leading security manufacturer in the field of Industry 4.0, recommends ten measures to optimize the security level in OT.

“The challenges in OT security are quite different from those in a typical IT environment,” says Endian CEO Raphael Vallazza. “The lifecycles of industrial equipment are many times longer than those of IT equipment. As a result, machine parks within a company are often very heterogeneous, and that makes it difficult to have uniform updates of the operating system, firmware and antivirus software, which is so heavily dependent on being up to date.”

FusionAuth is known for the customer authorization and authentication platform leveraged extensively by developers. As a result, the firm’s clients will receive the entire range of features their app requires. Ultimately, clients enjoy a highly scalable and customizable solution equipped with the adaptability to function on any system from anywhere across the globe.

Customer authentication is necessary for all applications, but its development requires specific knowledge. FusionAuth finds a solution to the issue of constructing crucial user security without detracting from the main program. Customer authentication is necessary for all applications, but its development requires specific knowledge. FusionAuth finds a solution to the issue of constructing crucial user security without detracting from the main program.

Microsoft’s directory and identity management solution for Windows domain networks is called Active Directory (AD). It was first made available in Windows 2000, comes with the majority of MS Windows Server operating systems, and is utilized by several Microsoft products. “JumpCloudians seek to redefine how the Directory can make work happen for organizations worldwide.

We stack our team with people who want to shape our company’s future, reject the confines of a traditional role, and work collectively to solve complex challenges. A shared passion for the success of our customers is the foundation that drives our thinking and efforts,” says Rajat Bhargava, CEO. JumpCloud’s open directory platform enables enterprises to unify the technology stack across identity, access, and device management, cost-effectively without compromising security or functionality.

OneLogin is synonymous with market-leading identity and access management solutions. In short, the OneLogin Solution provides everything an enterprise needs to secure its workforce, customer, and partner data at a price that works by the most comfortable budget. OneLogin is a cloud-powered identity and access management company specializing in creating a unified access management platform for large corporations and organizations.

According to projections, the identity and access management market would increase at a 14.5% CAGR from USD 13.41 billion in 2021 to around USD 34.52 billion in 2028. The OneLogin solutions find applicability across industries, including legal, financial services, retail, HR integration, non-profit, education, and technology. The use cases spread across the following domains, growing business, password reset, identity chaos, customer experience, scaling enterprises, eliminating passwords, and replacing VPN.

Identity is inevitable in the process of digital transformation. However, the identity needs of today are unique. Ping Identity perfectly understands this need. The enterprise has been offering innovative solutions for enterprises to enable them to provide the proper access at the right time for users irrespective of the ways of accessing.

“Our solutions were built to support the scale, flexibility, and resiliency required by enterprise-level IT teams. With 99.99% uptime and over 3 billion identities under management, we’re the only identity vendor proven to champion large enterprises’ scale, performance, and security,” said Andre Durand, Founder, and CEO. Ping Identity is a trusted partner of some of the top organizations in the world that highly emphasize user experience and security. It manages over 3 billion identities and boasts a 99.99% uptime rate.

Identity access management and Security are surfacing as the biggest challenges in the software industry. These challenges often hinder delivering compliant, secure, and user-friendly solutions. What dominates the sector is an urgent need to alter existing strategies. Conventional systems need to extend desired results. Only custom-made and specific solutions can cater to the current requirements.

Enter SteadyDeveloper, a Conway, SC-based IAM & Security expert. “There’s a certain finesse with which we develop the technology and customize each service based on clients’ needs. In addition, the firm focuses on complimenting its product suite through its customer-centric approach. With SteadyDeveloper, you can trust that your IAM & Security solutions will be top-notch and tailored to fulfill your desired IAM & Security objectives according to your values,” adds David Steadman, founder.