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What is Cyber Resilience and Why
Your Business Needs It

Top Vulnerability Management Solution Providers 2023

The modern cybersecurity industry is evolving or altering at an expeditious rate. Therefore, cyber experts require new technologies to counteract the cyber threats as new attacks occur every other day. Conventional strategies can quickly turn obsolete, and well-researched and comprehensive cyber plans are expected to gain more traction.

The present cyber security professionals and service providers have a crucial role to play. The service providers must cater to an adherent need to renovate themselves to better serve their customers through around-the-deck assistance that syncs with the current requirements. Read More…

A fast-growing Asian healthcare startup was in search of a vulnerability management strategy that was unique and problem-specific. Key aspects of their products include mobile applications which process critical data. After an extensive search, the startup zeroed in on Ostorlab, a Delaware, US based mobile security testing automation platform.

Ostorlab extended a three-stage approach of evaluating the security of the former’s products to identify and fix important privacy and security issues. The next step was to earn necessary validations and certifications from customers and government entities during audits. Read More…