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Towerwall Inc.: Delivering A Multi-layered, Proactive Security Defense



Towerwall began in 1999 and is based in Framingham, MA. The firm extends a range of expert assistance in solutions overview, security reviews, risk assessments, policy development, privacy, penetration testing, comprehensive security training, incident response and managed detection.

The cybersecurity industry has evolved beyond expectations. Security experts are under tremendous pressure to develop innovative solutions corresponding to ever-altering cyber threats. Many times enterprises often need to extend the right approach to cybersecurity. For example, from a governance perspective, cybersecurity is becoming an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issue for enterprises and investors worldwide. It is inevitable to allocate sufficient resources and funds towards ensuring advanced measures are implemented against ever-evolving cyber attacks. Other critical aspects, including legal liabilities, data protection, and reputational damage, assume significance in the present scenario. The modern cybersecurity industry requires a differentiating approach. Besides high-level expertise, an in-depth understanding of the industry and the ability to devise strategies per evolving needs is a must. The techniques extended by Towerwall have won accolades from industry experts and peers. Towerwall has been at the forefront of sustaining cybersecurity best practices for more than 24 years, working with scores of public and private organizations and universities. The enterprise has always focused on planning and implementing cybersecurity strategy, safeguarding data, monitoring and detecting threats, ensuring compliance, building a culture of cybersecurity, and protecting investor interests.

Towerwall was incepted in 1999 and is headquartered in Framingham, MA. “At Towerwall, we guide our clients through all of the phases of cybersecurity. That’s why we developed a unique security approach that is consistent, repeatable, measurable, and flexible enough to adapt to the changing threat landscape. We call this customizable approach the “7 Dimensions of Cybersecurity” that all organizations, regardless of industry, size, or security maturity, must adopt to deliver a multi-layered, proactive security defence-in-depth,” says Michelle Drolet, CEO of Towerwall.


Cybersecurity has become a top priority worldwide, irrespective of the domain. Several aspects become important while ensuring effective cybersecurity is in place; the risk, governance, and compliance feature is among them. The GRC and cybersecurity has become critical for each other. However, compliance may only sometimes equal perfect cybersecurity. Yet, an ideal GRC solution is highly beneficial for enterprises. A proper GRC solution enhances cybersecurity accountability and adherence to industry regulations and standards. Furthermore, technical controls are continuously reviewed, analyzed, and monitored. As a result, an enterprise can ensure its eligibility for cyber insurance. Moreover, the probabilities of exposure to legal liabilities and fines are significantly lesser. Last but not least, efforts toward maintaining proper GRC are, in turn, an assurance for employees, investors, stakeholders, or partners that the enterprise takes cybersecurity seriously.

Towerwall has seen how several enterprises effectively need help managing the GRC segment from a cybersecurity perspective. Enterprises are compelled to evolve on a day-to-day basis. However, it is hard for compliance and cyber experts to keep track of the evolving and emerging risks and manage and assess them from a compliance viewpoint. Towerwall has based its cybersecurity approaches on this critical drawback. To help enterprises sail through challenging situations like this, Towerwall extends a range of GRC services that can address the specific requirements of an enterprise. The emphasis is on developing futureoriented roadmaps, developing a total compliance management ecosystem, implementing GRC automation and platforms, ensuring risk assessment and data privacy assessment, penetration testing, vendor risk analysis, managing cyber risks, enabling response management, and other support services. The firm has been a significant part of the cyber security space for over two decades and has gained experience and in-depth knowledge on almost all aspects of the cyber security world.

“Having protected 400 million users across thousands of companies, we have a unique, first-hand understanding of the challenges that organizations face with GRC. We believe cybersecurity should be “operationalized” – which means there should be a consistent, repeatable, and measurable approach to building a resilient cybersecurity posture and a robust culture of cybersecurity,” informs the CEO. Milford Regional Medical Center is a comprehensive healthcare system that comprises the Medical Center, Milford Regional Physician Group, and Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation. The healthcare system was in search of hiring security talent that could extend CISO leadership on cybersecurity procedures and policies. Another requirement was the effective management of complex compliance topics. Insufficient funds limited the hospital as it was a non-profit community hospital. After mulling several options, the healthcare system finally decided to opt for the Towerwall Virtual CISO(vCISO) on-site program. The program enabled access to a comprehensive package with definite hours and a hands-on professional CEO. This was much more viable than hiring a contractor, which required a minimum commitment of 10 to 20 hours per week annually.