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Trulioo’s Regulatory Technology Teams Up with Investment Platform Public to Unveil UK Introduction

Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, recently joined forces with Public, a U.S. investing platform catering to stocks, ETFs, crypto, Treasury bills, and alternative assets. This collaboration enables U.K. investors to gain access to U.S. stocks, marking a significant stride in global investment accessibility. To ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations for its U.K. launch, Public opted for Trulioo’s Person Match identity verification. This move prioritizes streamlined and secure onboarding processes in an evolving digital landscape where meeting compliance requirements remains paramount.

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The successful U.K. launch in July 2023 paved the way for Public’s further global expansion, fortified by the confidence in overcoming any compliance challenge with Trulioo’s support.

Robin Spruell, MLRO and Compliance Lead (UK) at Public, emphasized the necessity for a global identity verification partner capable of addressing their compliance needs while ensuring rapid and secure customer onboarding. Trulioo not only met these requirements but also provided crucial guidance in implementing best practices and optimizing procedures for maximum customer verification match rates, facilitating their entry into new markets.

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Public integrates Trulioo Person Match into its customer verification process during registration. Leveraging customizable onboarding workflows, Trulioo ensures minimal friction and maximum compliance by intelligently routing users to optimal data matching, thus maintaining high performance and robust compliance standards. Trulioo Person Match boasts a broad scope, utilizing flexible identity verification workflows powered by diverse data sources. This foundation fosters high onboarding assurance and industry-leading match rates, setting it apart in the realm of identity verification.

Trulioo’s automated address verification streamlines user onboarding for Public, reducing reliance on manual uploads and ensuring compliance with U.K. regulations.

CEO Steve Munford highlighted Trulioo’s blended verification capabilities as instrumental in Public’s successful U.K. launch. The collaboration empowered Public not just to meet compliance standards but also to redefine onboarding benchmarks, aiming to establish new industry norms and maximize onboarding potential in current and future global markets.


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