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UN Emphasizes the Importance of Partnerships for Online Safety

On Safer Internet Day 2023 observed on 7th February, the UN organizations and partners initiated a digital trail to increase everyone’s online safety. 

The #InternetWithoutBullying program was started in Belarus by UNICEF and a local communications firm to educate kids and teenagers about safe online behavior and provide them with the expertise they need to recognize, deal with, and respond to bullying.

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Ongoing initiatives are being made within the UN system to combat the harmful use of the Internet. For example, to combat the use of cutting-edge technologies by terrorists, the UN Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee adopted the Delhi Declaration in October.

The Delhi Declaration is about tackling the use of innovative and emerging technologies for terrorist purposes. 

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“The COVID-19 pandemic had exposed “the rampant use of social media for terrorist purposes to spread terrorist propaganda. Terrorist groups took advantage of young people’s increased presence online during the crisis ” to spread their propaganda and distorted narratives to recruit and raise funds for terrorist purposes,” says Ruchira Kamboj, Ambassador of India and Committee Chair.

“We will call for action from everyone with influence on the spread of mis- and disinformation on the Internet – Governments, regulators, policymakers, technology companies, the media, civil society,” informs António Guterres, UN General Secretary.

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