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Updated Speech Analytics benefits from last-generation LLMs and other new features

Spitch has thoroughly updated and improved its Speech Analytics product that now incorporates call summarization based on new-generation LLMs, improved quality monitoring, sentiment analysis, bespoke entities extraction, as well other useful features.

Call summarization for exploratory analysis and CRM feeding based on new-generation LLMs offers a more intuitive user experience and ensures further time-saving and, therefore, cost reduction (thanks to feeding the summaries of conversations to CRM automatically, etc.). Data analysis is more efficient in the new release with the improved hierarchical structure of the markers. Users can view broad data or dive into specifics more easily.

To ensure the “human-in-the-loop” controls over the AI-led processes, the Quality Management tool sets specific filters for call records and assigns them to a designated quality controller for human oversight.

Contact us to learn more about this update and other enhanced features of Spitch’s conversational AI solutions of critical importance for your business.

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