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User Behavior Analytics is one of the most significant developments in cybersecurity (UBA).

The technology detects unusual user behavior using data Analytics and notifies administrators of any questionable activity.

While UBA is still primarily applicable to large enterprises, it offers a practical way to reduce future data breaches and leaks. Therefore, UBA will be a permanent part of cyber security in the coming years.

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UBA employs machine learning technology to “learn” about a user’s typical and frequent activity pattern. If these activities don’t meet the norm of the genuine user, it may distinguish between a legitimate user and an attacker.

UBA devotes greater attention to the USER than other Entities. For example, using user behavior analytics, SIEM systems can analyze historical data logs.

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The ability to fast detect attacks through UBA will be exploited more in the upcoming years.

Using UBA, it is possible to detect an attack simultaneously. Year after year, there are more insider attacks, and most business breaches result from user conduct. User Behavior Analytics comprehends what the user does to spot any unusual behavior.

Enterprises claim that their processes have become more transparent after incorporating UBA, as every single activity is analyzed and recorded. 

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