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Western Networks Are Being Leveraged by Russian Hackers to Attack Ukraine

Russian hackers have a widespread presence globally. The hackers are reportedly leveraging their networks across countries, including the U.S. and U.K., to carry out attacks against Ukraine, confirms a new report from Lupovis. 

Lupovis extends proactive security by enabling deception assets outside and inside the networks. This leads to a highly robust security posture, high-fidelity alerts, and advanced threat intelligence. 

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“The most concerning finding from our study is that Russian cyber-criminals have compromised the networks of multiple global organizations, including a Fortune 500 business, over 15 healthcare organizations, and a dam monitoring system. These organizations were based in the UK, France, the U.S., Brazil, and South Africa. Furthermore, Russian criminals are rerouting through their networks to launch cyber-attacks on Ukraine, which means they are using these organizations to carry out their dirty work,” says the study.

The security firms have enabled a series of decoys to attract Russian threat actors to analyze their procedures, techniques, and tactics. 

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Some fake honeyfile documents were leaked to cybercrime forums and eventually spoofed to contain critical information, including passwords, usernames, and other data. 

The hackers have tried to perform a variety of attacks, including reconssainance of the information, DDoS botnets, SQL injection exploitation besides other bugs. 

Lupovis believes that the cybercriminals were Russian hackers instead of state actors. 

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