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What 2022 Could Learn from the Previous Year’s Security Landscape?

The previous year was a unique one in the context of cyber security and threat management. The coronavirus impacted restrictions, new challenges, urgency in implementing ardent security measures, and remote work culture were among the most significant aspects of the 2021 cyber security risk management approach.

The current year is expected to be mostly the same. However, as the impacts of the coronavirus continue into the current year, stringent security measures are needed.

The pace of change as we move into 2022 has been relatively slow. However, operational Technology systems are perceived to be a significant target in 2022 for threat actors. As a remedial measure, enterprises need to strengthen their critical security controls to restrict an attacker’s capability to intrude.

Similarly, last year, malware authors gained more traction to develop novel infection chains such as the IcedID. Experts warn such events may take place in 2022 as well. Additionally, malware authors would be interested in new avenues to incorporate malware into corporate environments as enterprises invest in inline emails and network defence tooling.

Cyber vulnerabilities influencing network edge applications pose a much greater risk than those influencing devices on regional networks. However, these vulnerabilities are also expected in 2022, and attackers would be interested in exploiting them.

This year, cyber security experts would have to adequately tackle newly identified vulnerabilities and continuously exploit unpatched susceptibilities from the previous years. Go lang-powered malware will continue to be important in 2022 as well.

Throughout 2021, there was an increase in threats targeting enterprises to take advantage of the prevalent work-from-home culture. New threats had evolved, and cyber experts were forced to invent new solutions. This trend is expected to persist in 2022 as well. This year will also be a challenging one for threat defenders.

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