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What Could Be Some Expert Cyber Security Tactics in 2022?

Cyber security has been a top concern among enterprises in the last few years. Many factors have contributed to the situation. Coronavirus disease has been the most significant cause. Also, hackers have become advanced and are coming up with new techniques of hacking. As a result, cyber security is reeling under pressure to tackle these ever-evolving challenges.

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For 2022, lessons learned from 2021 cyber attacks will be a great source of information to arrive at effective strategies.

Phishing attacks were extremely rampant last year. Unfortunately, this year is also expected to witness a similar trend. Consequently, ensuring effective measures against phishing attacks is an inevitable aspect of cyber security for 2022.

As per a report by Google, around 2 million phishing sites were identified in January alone this year. Therefore, a phishing attack can be highly impactful for an organization.

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Ransomware is equally dangerous and can have long-lasting impacts on any organization. The statistics concerning ransomware attacks last year have been quite alarming. According to Forbes, in 2021, around $102.3 million worth of ransomware attacks occurred every month last year.

Social engineering attacks involve attacks exploiting employees in such a way that they are emotionally controlled using manipulation to access crucial information and private data. The most common methods were scareware, phishing, etc.

The pandemic had changed almost all aspects of the way the world used to function. This applies to cyber threats as well.

In a social engineering attack, hackers exploit human psychology to gain access to data. It may seem difficult to detect these attacks due to the nature of the attacks.

However, enterprises can do a lot to prevent similar attacks by creating awareness of such attacks and how to avoid them.


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