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White House Releases New Cyber Security Strategy

The newly released US National Cybersecurity Strategy is critical for the American cybersecurity sector. The White House released the strategy in March 2023.

“When we pick up our smartphones to keep in touch with loved ones, log on to social media to share our ideas, or connect to the internet to run a business or take care of any of our basic needs, we need to be able to trust that the underlying digital ecosystem is safe, reliable and secure,” says the preface of the release by President Joe Biden.

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The strategy retains a more comprehensive approach. The plan is a component of the Biden administration’s broader initiative to improve cyber and technology governance. This includes initiatives to strengthen privacy rights, hold digital businesses more accountable, and promote fair online competition.

The framework aims to defend critical infrastructure against cyber threats, including hospitals, medical facilities, and clean energy plants. 

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In order to prevent challenges to the digital ecosystem, it also wants to expand cooperation with international coalitions and alliances.

“Cybersecurity is essential to the basic functioning of our economy, the operation of our critical infrastructure, the strength of our democracy and democratic institutions, the privacy of our data and communications, and our national defense. We must ensure the internet remains open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure – anchored in universal values that respect human rights and fundamental freedoms,” says Biden.

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