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Why the Year 2023 Is Significant for the Data Privacy Industry?

The Year 2023 assumes great significance for the data privacy industry. The nation is expected to introduce a new set of rules regarding data privacy, and the changes will begin this year. 

California is the first state to enable a fundamental shift regarding data privacy laws. 

Some other states are expected to follow suit, namely Virginia, Utah, Connecticut, and Colorado. 

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In the past, the United States has permitted organizations to gather personal data without the individual’s express consent while regulating how that data is used to limit or avoid harm in particular areas. Many countries retain a rights-based approach to data privacy.

Even businesses with several layers of digital and physical security are susceptible to ongoing threats from government and commercial penetration as well as careless or malicious insiders.

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It is necessary to have a highly comprehensive legal system that provides various incentives for better security procedures, disclosures, and individual protections. Also, the law must acknowledge the harms brought on by privacy abuses and offer ways to repair them.

Although legislators and judges acknowledge the harm caused by breaches, the term “privacy harm” has to be broadened.

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