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Sayreville Police’s Gabriel Lugo promoted to Detective, specializing in Digital Forensics

On December 6th, a significant moment unfolded within the Sayreville Police Department as Detective Gabriel Lugo was bestowed with his detective badge by Police Chief Daniel Plumacker.

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Det. Lugo embarked on his career trajectory within the department through the Patrol Division, where his dedication and commitment to service were evident. However, it was his transition to the Administrative Bureau that unveiled a remarkable facet of his skill set—his innate proficiency in all things technological. This unforeseen talent swiftly positioned him as a pivotal figure, leveraging his expertise in technology to enhance and streamline departmental operations.

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His evolution within the department marked a noteworthy turn as Det. Lugo assumed the role of Digital Forensic Analyst within the Detective Bureau. This new responsibility is set to harness his adeptness in digital landscapes, focusing on the intricate analysis of digital evidence and delving into investigations concerning computer security incidents. His efforts in this capacity will play a crucial role in unearthing pivotal information essential for fortifying system and network defences, aligning closely with the objectives outlined by

Det. Lugo’s journey underscores the evolving nature of law enforcement, where technological proficiency is increasingly becoming a vital asset in combating modern-day threats. His transition to the Detective Bureau not only highlights his personal accomplishments but also signifies the department’s commitment to adapting and incorporating specialized skills to tackle the ever-evolving challenges in today’s digital landscape.

His elevation to the role of Digital Forensic Analyst heralds a new chapter in his career, where his talents will be dedicated to navigating complex digital terrains and ensuring the security and integrity of critical systems. Det. Lugo’s skills, honed through his journey within the force, stand as a testament to the department’s dedication to innovation and adaptability in safeguarding the community.

As the department continues its pursuit of excellence and innovation, Det. Lugo’s appointment to this pivotal role stands as a testament to the department’s recognition and utilization of specialized skills, ensuring it remains at the forefront of combating cyber threats and securing crucial digital assets.

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