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Several Organizations across the U.S give Access Control Less Importance.

Everyone is aware of access control, its importance, and its inevitability for organizations, especially in times of ever-decreasing cyber threats. 

Access control is essential in controlling the possibility of successful breaches for your enterprise. In an era where ransomware attacks and cyber breaches continue to accelerate exponentially, having effective access control in place can be very detrimental. 

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A survey by Identity Theft Research Center shows the enormity of the situation. For example, there was a 14% increase in the number of cybersecurity breaches in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same time frame in 2021.

Yet, despite the statistics, far too many enterprises across the U.S need to approach access control the right way. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to put it in abeyance. On the contrary, access control should be given as enough importance as physical security, network security, or cyber security. Such a tendency has to change urgently. 

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It is another trend that huge investments are made in ensuring physical security. Yet, physical security without proper cyber security may not yield the required results. Therefore, physical security without adequate access control will be less effective. 

The average amount received through ransomware payment was about $925 162 during the period between January and June 2022. In fact, the increase is up to 71%. Also, the most significant threat to enterprises is the theft of intellectual property data from foreign nations. Some of these attacks were severely intense and could eventually make a business outdated. 

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