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There Is A New Focus on Physical Security and Cyber Security Convergence

Enterprises are focusing more on the convergence of cyber security and physical security. The possible benefits are numerous. A few years ago, features of physical security functioned as standalone functions. Over the years, tremendous changes have occurred, and the tech world has become equally vulnerable. Cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate, and an effective cyber security strategy is now essential for organizations to survive. 

With time and fueled by the never-stopping cyber threats, the concept of cyber security has also changed. An ideal cyber security strategy for today’s world would be something that goes beyond traditional ideas and integrates other functions for more effects and benefits. There is a new interest in combining cyber security with physical security

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Establishing an effective convergence of the digital and physical domains that relate to the increasingly connected state of the world in which organizations thrive. 

Today’s cyber security needs to be an all-encompassing concept. The tech world can’t ignore the reality that devices ranging from artificial hearts to doorbells or even surveillance cameras are easy targets for cyber hackers. People, technology, and processes are equally vulnerable to cyber threats if proper preventive measures are not implemented. 

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When systems and applications have become inevitably reliant on cloud and mobility, it is vital to have a convergence of physical and cyber security to achieve data compliance and identity protection

Such a convergence ensures restricted access to data storage spaces and vice versa. However, many cyber attack cases often need more proper alignment between physical and cyber security. The other crucial benefits include significant savings in expenditure, reduced risk, and a physical security framework made stronger with cyber security strategies and vice versa. 

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