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Improper Configuration and Vulnerabilities Biggest Contemporary Cloud Security Issues

The latest report by Sysdig confirms that improper configuration and susceptibilities are the most significant cloud security issues in the contemporary world. 

The report adds that 90% of granted permissions are not used, while 87% of container images have a high or critical susceptibility.

More than seven million containers Sysdig customers run daily were analyzed to produce the data. In addition, the analysis considered the information gathered from open data sources like GitHub, Docker Hub, and CNCF.

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In spite of least privilege access rights, the foundation of zero trust architecture, are not fully implemented, zero trust is a significant priority.

“It takes time to go through the list and fix things. But, for most developers, writing code for new applications is what they are evaluated on. Hence, every minute they spend on applying fixes is time not developing new applications that can be sold,” Crystal Morin, threat research engineer, Sysdig.

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Due to bandwidth and priority problems, vulnerabilities continue to exist even after a remedy has been applied. 

Only 15% of severe and high-risk vulnerabilities with a remedy are present in runtime-loaded packages.

By filtering out those vulnerable packages, enterprises can concentrate on a smaller portion of the fixable vulnerabilities that pose a real risk.

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