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In 2023, Be ready to See More Investments Towards Strengthening Security Infrastructure

Cyber attacks are regularly evolving. More research is happening. There have been several new approaches and initiatives that are significantly different from their previous versions. However, a secure cybersecurity strategy is yet to be achieved for all.

The recent Cybersecurity Readiness Index by Cisco confirms that only 15% of respondents could say they have security programs mature enough to protect against today’s cybersecurity risks. 

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“For decades, new problems in security have arisen, and small companies have come up with innovative solutions to address these. But buying individual best-in-breed solutions from new vendors puts the burden on the customer to ingest all of these solutions and integrate them. If you talk to a mature IT organization, they can easily have 150 security tools. Most people have been spending money on security solutions for decades and putting excellent technologies and innovative solutions to work. Still, if you ask them if we are winning or losing, most say we are not winning,” says Tom Gillis, senior vice president for Cisco Security.

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The other conclusion drawn from the study is that improving or considering the cyber security budget is a top priority for CISOs. 

Also, around 60% of participants confirmed the occurrence of a cyber security incident within a span of 12 months. 

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